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NEL-10C Manifold Small Lyophilizer Vacuum Freeze Dryer For Laboratory

The manifold vacuum freeze dryer is also called hanging bottle freeze dryer, which is mainly used in laboratories and scientific research places. It is suitable for freeze-drying of bulk materials, and can hang freeze-drying bottles, eggplant bottles, and jars at the same time. Widely used in medicine, pharmacy, biological research, chemistry, food and other fields.

NEL-10C The multi-manifold vacuum freeze dryer with cheap price is suitable for freeze-drying of laboratory samples or small-scale production. Dual-compressor cascade refrigeration is adopted, and the condensing temperature is -80°C. A small amount of samples can be pre-frozen directly in the cold trap. The lyophilizer has a larger cold trap volume and lower cold trap temperature, which can achieve higher freezing efficiency, and has a stronger capture ability for highly volatile solvents, so it is applicable to a wider range and can be used Lyophilize samples containing organic solvents.


Applications: blood, deer blood freeze-dried powder, graphene, nanomaterials, polymer materials, gel materials, snake venom, scorpion venom, royal jelly, bee venom, biological peptides, enzyme products, biological products, freeze-dried powder injection, plant extraction liquid, fruit juice powder, fruit and vegetable freeze-dried powder, etc.

NEL-10C (Manifold)
Drying area0.12m²
Tray diamterФ200mm
Tray space70mm
Eggplant bottles100/250/500/1000ml each 2 pcs
Cold trap temperature≤-56℃, Optional ≤-80℃ or ≤-120℃
Cold trap depth
Condenser capacity3-4kg/24h
Vacuum limited
≤5pa (no load)
Host weight41kg
Hose size615×450×370mm
Drying chamber size
Cooling wayair cooling

NEL-10C Manifold Small Lyophilizer Vacuum Freeze Dryer For Laboratory


1. Imported compressor is adopted, with high cooling efficiency and fast speed;

2. The cold trap has no inner coil and has the function of pre-freezing samples, which saves the cost of low-temperature refrigerators;

3. The LCD touch screen operation panel is used to display the working time, condenser temperature, sample temperature, vacuum degree in curve and digital form, and record the drying curve;

4. The drying chamber is made of colorless, transparent, disposable injection-molded polycarbonate material, which is anti-corrosion, non-fragile, non-adhesive, and not easy to leak. The whole process of sample freeze-drying can be clearly observed;

5. Standard KF vacuum interface, simple and reliable installation, can be used with various vacuum pumps;

6. This machine can store multiple times of freeze-dried data, and is equipped with a USB communication interface, and the experimental data can be extracted with one key from the U disk.