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NEL-10 Top-press Laboratory Lyophilizer Freeze Dryer

NEL-10B(top-press) lyophilizer freeze dryer belongs laboratory small scale freeze dryer with stoppering function.

NEL-10 Top-press Laboratory Lyophilizer Freeze Dryer is suit for most samples freeze drying testing in laboratory,also with cheap price can help end users finished freeze drying or lyophilization research.


1. One-piece structure design, small size, no external flange, easy to use, and no leakage.

2. All materials in contact with the product are made of inert materials, meeting the requirements of GLP.

3. The cold trap and operating table are made of stainless steel, which is anti-corrosion and easy to clean.

4. All stainless steel inflatable (water release) valves are designed and produced by our company, which are safe, anti-corrosion and leak-free.

5. The cold trap has a large opening, no inner coil, and has a sample pre-freezing function, without a low-temperature refrigerator.

6. With professional gas diversion technology, the cold trap captures ice evenly and has strong ice-catching ability.

7. International famous brand compressor, high efficiency and energy saving, long service life and low noise.

8. Famous brand vacuum pump, high pumping speed, to achieve higher ultimate vacuum.

9. Vacuum pump protection function, which can set the start-up cold trap temperature of the vacuum pump to protect the service life of the vacuum pump.

10. Professionally designed FD-LAB freeze dryer control system + SH-HPSC-I modular controller, with high reliability and stability.

11. The intelligent data recording system records and displays the cold trap temperature curve, sample temperature curve and vacuum degree curve in real time, and the exported data can be browsed, printed and operated by computer.

12. Intelligent AI electric defrosting SH-10KCQ adopts safe voltage and combines multi-dimensional fuzzy control technology to significantly improve defrosting efficiency.


ModelNEL-10B( top-press)
Drying area0.08m²
Condenser capacity3-4kg/24h
Cold trap temperature≤-56℃;≤-80℃ or ≤-120℃
Depth of cold trap140mm
Tray space70mm
Vacuum limited≤5pa(no load)
Host Size615×450×370mm
Drying chamber sizeФ260×490mm
Ф12mm Vials492pcs
Ф16mm Vials279pcs
Ф22mm Vials147pcs