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NG-100 1000KG/Batch Industrial Freeze Dryer

NG-100 1000KG/Batch Industrial Freeze Dryer is suitable for industrial production,Most used for pet food,fruit drying,vegestable drying,sea food drying;
Drying area:105.8㎡;

NG-100 1000KG/Batch Industrial Freeze Dryer:

·Chinese herbal medicine health tonics

Aquatic products and meat, poultry and eggs

·Forest by-products;

Fruits, vegetables and soups;

Drying area105.8m²
shelf number
Shelf diameter4900*1200*15
Shelf spacing
Cart number3
Shelf temperatureNormal ~120C
Cold trap temperature

● Pre-freezing and drying are carried out at the same time, which improves the freeze-drying efficiency and shortens the freeze-drying time.

● Aerospace-grade aluminum alloy clapboard material, double-sided radiation heating, emissivity over 90%, good temperature uniformity.

● High-efficiency mixed refrigerant medium, low freezing point and high boiling point, high heat exchange efficiency and long service life.

● The drying curve optimization control algorithm can control the heating rate and the vacuum degree value of the product in the drying stage.

● Professional gas diversion design and control technology, strong water capture capacity and high drying efficiency.

● The tray is stamped and formed by aviation anti-rust aluminum alloy, and has a high heat absorption rate through special surface treatment. Each drying chamber is equipped with 2 sets of trays.

● Industrial grade embedded touch screen + special SH-HPSC-III modular controller, the system is stable and reliable, and the control precision is high.

● The professionally designed FD-MANAGER control system can save multiple sets of process recipes, and can adjust the process in real time during the drying process to improve the process optimization rate.

● Flexible manual + automatic control mode, manual is used to explore the process, and automatic is used for mass production.

● Accurate sensor calibration function to ensure the accuracy of long-term use of process parameters.

● User level and password can be set for decentralized operation management.

● Optional powerful LYO-MEGA upper computer control system, which can record and save operation data, curves and alarm records for up to ten years, improve product traceability; at the same time, it is convenient for observation, operation and fault diagnosis.

● Non-standard customization can be made according to user needs.