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NG-50 500KG Food Type Freeze Dryer

This NG-50 Food Type Freeze Dryer is widely used in food area,like fruit or pet food or other materials;



Food (fruit and vegetable) freeze dryer is used for freeze drying of more than 20 types of foods such as meat, vegetables, fruits, aquatic products, beans, beverages, soups, and health products.

Features of the  NG-50 Food Type Freeze Dryer

● Pre-freezing and drying of separate structures are performed at the same time, which improves the freeze-drying efficiency and shortens the freeze-drying time.

● Space alloy separator material, double-sided radiation heating, emissivity above 90%, good temperature uniformity.

● Highly efficient mixed refrigerant medium, lower freezing point and higher boiling point, high heat exchange efficiency and long service life.

● The drying curve optimization control algorithm can control the heating rate and vacuum value in the drying stage.

● The patented gas diversion design and control technology have the strong ice catching ability and high drying efficiency.

● Industrial-grade embedded touch screen + dedicated SH-HPSC-III modular controller, the system is stable and reliable, with high control accuracy.

● The professionally designed FD-MANAGER control system can save multiple sets of process recipes, and can adjust the process in real time during the drying process to improve the process optimization rate.

● Flexible manual + automatic control mode, manual groping process, and automatic batch production.

● Accurate sensor calibration function ensures the accuracy of long-term use of process parameters.

●  Setting user level and password, and decentralizing operations and management.

● Optional powerful LYO-MEGA main unit control system can record, save up to ten years of operating data, curves and alarm records, improve product trace ability; at the same time convenient observation, operation and fault diagnosis.

● Non-standard freeze dryers can be customized as requested.

Models parameters


shelf area (m2)


shipping weight(kg)


shelf numbers


shelf dimensions(mm)


shelf spacing (mm)


cart numbers(set)



normal temp.-120

ice collecting capacity(kg/B)


cold trap temp.(℃)


colling mode

water cooled, water temp.<30℃

defrosting mode

water sprayed+soaking

ultimate vacuum(pa)


power (kw)


water cooled consumption(m3/h)


compressed air (L/min)




overall weight


freeze dryer

Scope of application of food (fruit and vegetable) freeze dryer:

●Chinese herbal health tonics: ginseng, Tianma, Panax notoginseng, wolfberry, Shouwu, Dendrobium officinale, Cordyceps, bird's nest, bee products, deer products, etc.;

Various extract preparations: anthocyanins, ginkgo biloba, nutrient solutions, biological preparations, reagents, enzymes, antibiotics, etc.;

●Aquatic products and meat, poultry and eggs: sea cucumber, abalone, shellfish, shrimp, fish, beef and mutton, chicken, egg products, etc.;

●Forest by-products: various edible fungi, wild vegetables, matsutake mushrooms, bamboo fungus, asparagus, monk fruit, snake meat, wood frog, pollen, konjac, etc.;

●Fruits, vegetables and soups: various fruits such as strawberries, raspberries, mangoes, lemons, apples, peaches, etc., various vegetables such as onions, garlic, yam, purple potatoes, various instant soups and beverages such as egg drop soup, seaweed Soup, seafood soup, tomato soup, coffee, orange juice, tomato juice, etc.