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CBD extraction guide

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CBD extraction guide

CBD can be used as a skin care product, with anti-oxidation, anti-inflammatory and anti-acne effects;  CBD can be used as a medical treatment, and it has mature products in the treatment of epilepsy and multiple sclerosis (MS)-British GW company has developed Sativex and Epidiolex drugs with CBD as the main ingredient;CBD can be used in food and has the effects of calming and improving sleep quality.So, how is CBD obtained from hemp plants? Besides directly derived from plants, is there any other way to get CBD?

Solvent extraction

Obtaining CBD from industrial hemp through solvent extraction is an industrially mature method,The basic principle is to use ethanol soaking and stirring or spraying pretreated plant materials to extract phenolic substances from plants.

Hemp plant pretreatment: grinding, heating to remove water to increase the contact effect of the plant and ethanol, enzyme treatment to break the covalent bond, etc.

Extraction: Add liquid ethanol to hemp plant raw materials and mix for a few minutes to transfer cannabinoids and the like to the ethanol.

Concentration: Separate the ethanol from the material residue, then slowly heat the ethanol/extraction mixture to evaporate the ethanol, leaving only the concentrated plant extract.

Advantages: economical and simple

Disadvantages: The final extracted CBD oil is a mixture, and there may be some residual impurities that affect the look and taste of the product. For example, the residue of chlorophyll will make the finished oil green and taste bitter; the extraction process is dangerous, and ethanol is easy to burn.

cbd extraction

Supercritical CO2 extraction method

CO2 changes its own state with changes in air pressure and temperature, becoming gas, liquid or solid.Supercritical CO2 is a substance in an intermediate state between gas and liquid. On the one hand, it has liquid fluidity and the ability to extract some fat-soluble substances; on the other hand, it has good diffusivity, similar to gas.

Supercritical CO2 extraction technology is an emerging material extraction technology developed by using the characteristics of supercritical fluids. This extraction method usually requires the use of a special "closed loop extractor" with three chambers.

cbd extraction

Olive oil extraction method

The olive oil extraction method is a convenient method suitable for making CBD products at home.

Heat the industrial hemp plant to a specific temperature and hold it for a period of time to activate the chemicals in it

Add plant materials to olive oil, heat to 100°C and keep for 1-2 hours to extract cannabinoids and obtain CBD oil.

Advantages: simple, safe and economical

Disadvantages: Olive oil is perishable, so it must be stored in a cool, dark place and used as soon as possible; the production capacity is too low, not suitable for mass production

cbd extraction

The extraction technology of industrial hemp has been developed and mature, and the chemical synthesis and biosynthesis of CBD are being extensively studied. Zhengzhou Mingyi instrument company mentions a complete range of CBD extraction equipment, with favorable prices and complete varieties


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