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Precautions for choosing a freeze dryer

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Precautions for choosing a freeze dryer

1. The manufacturer's choice. Choose a powerful manufacturer with many years of professional production experience and professional technology to support non-calibration and solutions.

2. Cold trap temperature. The cold trap is a device that collects vapor between the freeze-drying chamber and the vacuum pump. The lower the temperature of the cold trap, the stronger the trap's trapping capacity. However, the lower the temperature of the cold trap, the higher the refrigeration requirement and the greater the refrigeration capacity. Big. Machine cost and operating cost. The cold trap temperature of the laboratory freeze dryer is mainly in three levels--50 ℃, -60 ℃ and -80 ℃, e is reduced from -35 ℃ to -50 ℃, the water collection capacity of the cold trap is obviously improved, and the temperature of the cold trap Rare earths below -50°C and 80°C are suitable for freeze drying of most products, such as products containing organic solvents or some special products

3. The amount of icing. The amount of vapor that can be captured in the cold trap is related to the amount of water or other solvents sublimated in the operating sample every day in the laboratory. The freezing capacity of the freeze dryer in the laboratory is 3kg, 6kg and 8kg, which is suitable for various experiments Require.

freeze dryer

4. Ultimate vacuum The final vacuum reflects the leakage of the freeze dryer and the pumping efficiency of the vacuum pump. The vacuum of the experimental operation should be within a reasonable range. The vacuum is too high, which is not conducive to heat transfer, but the drying speed is reduced.

5. Control display system Laboratory series freeze dryers are mainly used for material freeze drying, small batch production and freeze drying process conditions test. The control system should display freeze drying process parameters in real time, such as cold trap temperature, vacuum degree, stage time, temperature, etc. Total processing time; setting, modification and effective implementation of freeze-drying process; ideally, there is a communication interface for data collection and storage.

6. Freeze drying method and function. Depending on the specific sample, there are different options, the laboratory freeze-drying experiment, that is, freeze-drying in a freeze-drying or freeze-drying room. If you need a freeze-drying room, you should buy a freeze-drying room and choose a capping device. If freeze-dried hanging bottles, multi-manifold should be selected, suitable for the safety of round-bottomed flasks, jars or ampoules, but care must be taken to select the appropriate adapter to use; if the user participates in the free test sample chamber ZE drying, there is also an external Bottle freeze-drying can be selected with freeze-drying cavity. Generally speaking, the shelf freeze dryer is suitable for freeze drying of food, Chinese herbal medicine, powdered materials and other samples, and a freeze dryer with a capping device must be selected. It is recommended to use the bottle type, and the ampoule B must be selected. OTTE adapter for freeze-drying; if you want to study the freeze-drying process curve, you must choose a controller to support the eutectic point test device and software.


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