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Application fields and characteristics of molecular distillation

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Application fields and characteristics of molecular distillation

Molecular distillation is a liquid-liquid separation method. Under high vacuum, the average of vapor molecules is greater than the distance between the evaporation surface and the condensation surface, so that the difference in the evaporation rate of each component in the feed liquid can be used to improve the liquid The mixture is separated.

Application areas

1. Fine chemicals: such as the purification of aromatic oils, the purification of polymer intermediates, the extraction of lanolin, etc.

2. Food industry: such as refined fish oil, deacidification of fats, refined high-carbon alcohols, separation of mixed fats, etc.

3. Other fields: petroleum industry, daily chemical, environmental protection field, etc.
molecular distillation

The characteristics of molecular distillation

1. The degree of separation is high, and it can separate substances that are not easy to separate conventionally.

2. Operate at a temperature far below the boiling point of the material, and the residence time of the material is short; it is conducive to the separation of high boiling point, heat sensitive and easy-to-oxidize materials.

3. Removal of substances in liquids such as solvents and odors is a very useful method for the removal of liquids after solvent extraction.

4. The physical separation method can obtain pure products.

5. The feed tank can optionally realize the pre-heating function, and the pre-heating temperature can be adjusted.

6. There is no boiling bubbling phenomenon. Molecular distillation is evaporation on the surface of the liquid layer. It is carried out at low pressure. There is no dissolved air in the liquid. Therefore, the entire liquid cannot be boiled during the distillation process, and there is no bubbling phenomenon.

7. Provide a variety of specifications for customers to choose from. If a larger evaporation area is required, it can be customized according to customer requirements.

8. Each interface of the molecular distiller is sealed with fluorine rubber gasket, which has good airtightness. If the customer needs corrosion resistance, it can be replaced with tetrafluoroethylene.


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