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Tips in the use of rotary evaporator

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Tips in the use of rotary evaporator

First, Method to prevent solvent spray during rotary steaming:

1, the temperature should not be too high, and the temperature of the water bath should not exceed 30 degrees Celsius.

2, don’t pack too much, if it’s a low boiling point solvent, consider not heating it and adjust the vacuum slowly.

3, replace the recovery bottle with a larger capacity. Generally, the smaller the volume of the recovery bottle, the easier it is to bump.

4, the vacuum pressure should not be too high, people should not leave during the steaming process, always pay attention, and open the vacuum valve as soon as there is a sign of spraying.

5, for solvents with low boiling point and easy to bumpy spray, use your finger to operate the rotary vapor vent to properly vent and pressurize.

6, first externally rotate in the water bath until water mist appears outside the flask, and then gradually decrease the volume of water bath contact until it stabilizes and does not bump.

7, use anti-flushing anti-boiling ball, which can be poured back after spraying. This needs to ensure that the explosion-proof ball is clean, so wash and dry before each use.

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Second, how to choose the appropriate temperature of the rotary evaporator

The best way to use Rotary Evaporator is called the golden "Δ20°C rule". In order to fully condense the vapor, the temperature of the cooling circulator should be set to be about 20°C lower than the vapor temperature. For example, at a bath temperature of 50°C, a solvent vapor temperature of 30°C is generated, and then it is condensed at 10°C.

Three, how to choose the pressure of the rotary evaporator

The pressure and temperature of the rotary evaporation are very important. Generally speaking, there is a linear relationship between the temperature of the water bath and the evaporation rate. The more energy you use in the evaporation process and the more energy removed from the condensing part, the higher the distillation efficiency. The premise is that you also need to pay attention that the condenser has sufficient cooling capacity and remains stable under pressure.


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