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The use of glass reactor

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The use of glass reactor

The double-layer glass reactor is characterized by variable frequency speed regulation, AC induction motor, constant speed, no brushes, no sparks, safety and stability, and continuous operation. The whole set of glass equipment is made of high borosilicate glass. It has good chemical and physical properties. The glass interlayer interface is circulated with hot oil and can be used for heating reaction. The maximum heating temperature can reach 300℃. The freezing liquid can be used for low-temperature reaction. The cycle temperature can reach -40°C. It can be reacted at room temperature, and the reaction heat can be quickly taken away by running tap water. The lower discharge port has a flange port and a polytetrafluoroethylene valve. There is no dead angle in the container, and it can be disassembled to facilitate the discharge of solid materials. Therefore, the double-layer glass reactor is an ideal pilot and production equipment for modern fine chemical plants, biopharmaceuticals and new material synthesis.


  • Integral stainless steel column movable frame structure, four-port reaction kettle cover, complete set of glass with reflux, liquid filling, temperature measurement, etc.

  • Choose G3.3 borosilicate glass, which has good chemical and physical properties.

  • AC motor frequency conversion speed control mixing, stable and reliable operation, large torque, no sparks.

  • The PTFE components are sealed and can maintain a high degree of vacuum under working conditions.

  • The PTFE stirring paddle is suitable for mixing and dispersing corrosion-resistant and high-temperature-resistant media.

  • The PTFE discharge valve has a movable interface, and the discharge is complete and fast.

  • It can work under normal pressure and negative pressure, and the negative pressure can reach -0.096MPa

  • Constant temperature numerical control oil bath (electric heating jacket optional), accurate and convenient temperature control (freezer optional).

  • The main stainless steel structure is beautiful and corrosion-resistant.

  • Temperature control heating circulating oil bath, adopting microcomputer control, higher precision and less fluctuation

  • The inner core of the stirring rod of the reactor is specially made of 321 stainless steel, which enhances the strength of corrosion resistance. The technology is built and the workmanship is more refined, which makes the operation more convenient.

The standard configuration products can carry out experimental functions:

1. Stirring reaction at room temperature

2. High temperature reaction

3. Negative pressure vacuum distillation reaction

4. Separation and extraction

5. Distillation and reflux reaction

6. Concentration reaction


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