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Classification of freeze dryers

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Classification of freeze dryers

Freeze dryer is a kind of commonly used drying equipment. It adopts a new structure with a combination of dehumidification system and makes greater use of the material storage space in the box for drying.

The freeze dryer is divided into:

Bell-type freeze dryer:

The freeze-drying cavity and the cold trap are separate upper and lower structures, and the freeze-drying cavity has no pre-freezing function. This type of freeze dryer requires manual operation when the material is transferred to the drying process after the pre-freezing of the material. Most of the experimental freeze dryers are of the bell jar type, with simple structure and low cost. Most freeze-drying chambers use transparent plexiglass cover, which is convenient for observing the freeze-drying situation of materials.

In-situ freeze dryer:

The freeze-drying cavity and the cold trap are two independent cavities. The shelf in the freeze-drying cavity has a refrigeration function. After the material is placed in the freeze-drying cavity, the pre-freezing and drying process of the material does not require manual operation. The production process of this type of freeze dryer is complicated and the manufacturing cost is high. However, the in-situ freeze dryer is the development direction of the freeze dryer. It is an ideal choice for exploring the freeze drying process. It is especially suitable for medicine, biological products and other special products. Freeze-dried.

freeze dryer

The freeze dryer is divided into functions:

Ordinary shelf type:

The materials are packed in the material tray, which is suitable for freeze-drying of food, Chinese herbal medicine and powder materials.

Type with gland device:

Suitable for drying of vial bottled materials. When preparing for freeze-drying, separate the materials into vial bottles as needed. After the caps are floated, freeze-dry the caps. After drying, the capping mechanism is operated to press the caps to avoid secondary pollution. , Re-absorb water, easy to store for a long time.

Multi-manifold type:

Connect the flask outside the drying chamber to dry the material spin-frozen on the inner wall of the bottle. At this time, the flask is connected to the manifold outside the drying box as a container. The materials in the flask are heated at room temperature. Remove or install the flask at any time as needed, without stopping the machine.

Type with pre-freezing function:

During the material pre-freezing process, the cold trap is used as the pre-freezing cavity to pre-freeze the material. During the drying process, the cold trap is a water trap to capture the overflowing moisture of the material. The freeze-drying machine with pre-freezing function, the pre-freezing and drying of the materials in the freeze-drying process are completed on the freeze-drying machine, the use of the freeze-drying machine is high, and the cost of the low-temperature refrigerator is saved.


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