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100L Jacketed Glass Reactor

Jacket Glass reactor principle is two parts, in the inner glass,the mix bar is continous stirring to make mixing or evaporating reaction under negative vacuum pressue. The stirring is under speed controlling. The jacketed glass could supply heating or cooling material to help the chemical reaction. Recently glass reactors has been widely used in chemical, biological and pharmaceutical experiment and prodcuction. 


Brief Introduction of the Jacket Glass Reactor

The series of reactor kettles is my company according to the actual requirements of customers and the standard production of new double glass reactor with cylindrical glass reactor body, which absorb the international and domestic advantages of similar products, while bold and innovative, not only easy to use (one can easily move, , And the structure of innovative and practical, beautiful appearance generous, leading domestic; for modern chemistry, fine chemicals, bio-pharmaceuticals, new materials, such as the synthesis of experimental and production of the ideal equipment. Specific specifications from 1L to 200L optional.
The working principle of the series reactor: double-layer glass reactor inside the reaction material, but also can be vacuum to do the stirring reaction; sandwich can be connected to heat (water, water or hot oil or electric sets) to do heating or cooling; The reaction solution was controlled to evaporate and reflux.

Main Features of the Jacket Glass Reactor

1, The use of borosilicate glass (GG17 material), has excellent physical and chemical properties.
2, Speed mixing, smooth and reliable operation, torque, no spark.
3, PTFE components mechanical seal, proprietary technology, can maintain the market similar products, high vacuum (-0.095mpa or so), the leading domestic.
4, PTEE discharge valve, kettle body and lid are also customized according to customer requirements.
5, The reaction of the sandwich heating (cooling) solution can be completely removed after the reaction, no solution.
6, Regardless of refrigeration or heating, can be produced according to customer requirements matching products.
7, The overall structure of science, novel, practical, beautiful, leading domestic.

ParametersNameJacketed glass reactor
Glass materialGG-17
Structure materialStainless steel
Jacketed volume18L
Flanged out of the oil circulation portLow into, up out ¢35 flanged
Kettle lid bottle number6
Ground clearance of the discharge opening450mm
Reactor body temp.range-80-250C
Stirring speed0-1400rpm
Stirring Shaft15mm
Mixing Power250W1/3
Packing size(mm*mm*mm)1900*700*870
FunctionSpeed modeElectronic step-less
Motor configurationLow-energizing the motor, ratio 3: 1
Speed DisplayLCD digital display
Temperature displayPT100 Sensor Digital Display
Sealing method¢60 flange stirring port
Efficient vertical double re-flux condenser120*640mm
Reflux (distillation) unitReflux elbow with discharge switch, 50 # of milling
Dropping device2L  40#  standard port
Pressure reducing device34# standard port valve
Temperature tube24# standard port
Solid addition¢80 flanged cover with tetrafluoroethylene
Discharge modeRamp glass material discharge valve, ¢ 80 flanged
Vacuum DisplayVacuum Table
Stirring ConnectionUniversal joints
Stir barDescription of stainless steel rods, outsourcing tetrafluoroethylene



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